SPM - Scorpion Python Modules

Scorpion Python Modules - SPM - are included with Scorpion Vision Software installation and are located in the Scorpion Runtime Python folder.

The Scorpion Runtime Python folder is included in the Python path in Scorpions python environment in addition to the running profile’s Python folder.

The Python Search Path order is the following:
  1. Scorpion Runtime folder
  2. Running profile’s Python folder
  3. Scorpion Runtime Python folder
  4. The installed Python Path

Scorpion Python Module can be modfied and placed in the local profile’s Python folder. This will provide the ability to run a profile specific version of the module. This folder is also a part of the standard Profile Backup procedure.

We do not recommend to modify the Scorpion Python Modules in the Scorpion Runtime Python folder as this will change the module for all profiles running on this machine. These changes will also be lost when you run the Scorpion Vision Installer.

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