BarcodeReader module
author:Per Brosstad Tordivel AS,
copyright:2000-2015 Tordivel AS
license:Tordivel AS’ Scorpion Python Module License

Contains BarcodeReader class to interface with Softek Barcode library from python

Revision history:  - 03mar2014,TV: New softek library downloaded v7.6.1  - 21 Aug 2012: New softek library downloaded v7.5.1.18.  - 11 Jan 2012: New softek library downloaded v7.5.1.1. Addition of support for QR-Codes.  - 23 Sep 2011: New softek library downloaded v7.4.2.2.  - 07 Jun 2011: New softek library downloaded v7.4.1.13.  - 09 Feb 2011: Added Arrlib Matrix support.  - 11 Jan 2011: Updates to accomodate for Softek Barcode library v7.4.1  - 15 Jan 2010: Initial version for Softek Barcode library v7.3.1
class BarcodeReader.Option
class BarcodeReader.BoolOption(enabled=False)
class BarcodeReader.ScalarOption(value=0)
class BarcodeReader.EnumOption(value=0)
class BarcodeReader.Visualisation(enabled=True, color='Yellow')
class BarcodeReader.RectVisualisation(enabled=True, color='Yellow', penWidth=1, penStyle=0)

Bases: BarcodeReader.Visualisation

class BarcodeReader.TextVisualisztion(enabled=True, textColor='Yellow', textFontSize=10, textFontName='Tahoma', textBackColor='', textStyle=0)

Bases: BarcodeReader.Visualisation

class BarcodeReader.BarcodeReader