SCD-0002-Basler-Pylon-Area documentationΒΆ

SCD-0002-Basler-Pylon-Area is the Scorpion Camera Driver for Basler’s GigE cameras. It is included with Scorpion Vision Software installation and located in the Scorpion Runtime folder.

  • PylonAreaCamera_pylon5_x.dll - for use with pylon 5.0
  • PylonAreaCamera_pylon4_x.dll - for use with pylon 4.x
  • PylonAreaCamera_pylon32_x.dll - for use with pylon 3.2
  • PylonAreaCamera_pylon23_x.dll - for use with pylon 2.3

The Scorpion Vision Software must be version 7 or higher. Release notes provide reference to the corresponding Pylon version for all Scorpion Camera drivers that are available.