SCD-0018 Network Camera

Scorpion Vision Software supports Network cameras that serve images via http or ftp servers.

  • NetworkCamera.dll

Currently tested with Sony SNC-CS20 Network Camera.


  • Scorpion Vision Software version 7 or higher
  • Configured Network Camera


  • On some machines with Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 8, driver may not load due missing dependency IEShims.dll.
  • In that case copy IEShims.dll from C:Program FilesInternet Explorer to the same folder where NetworkCamera.dll installed.

Property page



  • URL - Http or Ftp URL to image. URL for Sony Network Camera is http://<camera_address>/oneshotimage.jpg.

  • Request Rate Mult and Request Rate Div * These are multiplier and divider to the actual request rate, calculated as follows:

    • Actual Request Rate (seconds per image) = “Request Rate Mult” / “Request Rate Div”.
    • The valid value range for both parameters is [1..60] seconds. Thus the actual request rate interval can be specified from the range of [1/60s..60s].
    • The actual request rate is frequency by which network camera is requested for a new image. If there is some network problem or delay then Scorpion would receive the image with delay, or would not receive at all. However the session is opened/closed each time image is being requested, so if the network problem is not permanent, it should not affect subsequent image requests.


  • to set Frame rate for Sony SNC-CS20 camera, use Internet Explorer to navigate to settings page and then choose Camera -> Video Codec.
  • Change JPEG setting Frame Rate and click OK.
  • The camera refresh rate must match the actual refresh rate specified in the driver.

The following named properties can be dynamically accessed with the ‘SetProperty’ and ‘GetProperty’ commands:

  • ‘continuous’ or ‘continous’ - read/write
  • ‘width’ - read only
  • ‘height’ - read only
  • ‘grayscale’ - read only
  • ‘RefreshRate’ - read/write
  • ‘RefreshRateUnit’ - read/write


Example 1: Start Continuous grabbing

GetCamera('0').setProperty('continuous', 1)

Example 2: Stop Continuous grabbing

GetCamera('0').setProperty('continuous', 0)

Example 3: Set image request rate to 1 image per 5 seconds

cam= GetCamera('0')
cam.setProperty('RefreshRateUnit', 5)
cam.setProperty('RefreshRate', 1)

Example 4: Set image request rate to 8 images per 3 seconds

cam= GetCamera('0')
cam.setProperty('RefreshRateUnit', 3)
cam.setProperty('RefreshRate', 8)

Release Notes

  • - 15mar2011, min Scorpion Vision Software version: 7.x.x.x
    • ignore cache and always force download of files
    • changed names to more self-explanatory - ‘refresh rate mult’ and ‘refresh rate div’ instead of ‘refresh rate unit’ and ‘refresh rate’
  • - 25jan2011, min Scorpion Vision Software version: 7.x.x.x
    • support of “continous” property along with “continuous”
    • new parameter - refresh length unit
    • constant image acquisition only when in continous mode
  • - 20jan2011, min Scorpion Vision Software version: 7.x.x.x
    • fixed camera reopen after driver properties changes
  • - 03aug2009, min Scorpion Vision Software version: 7.x.x.x
    • continuous mode
    • does not stop requesting images when connection lost
    • CompleteCallback called when new image received
    • driver renamed to NetworkCamera.dll
  • - 09jul2009, min Scorpion Vision Software version: 7.x.x.x
    • initial version