Change Scorpion Camera Driver

Scorpion Vision Support multiple SCD - Scorpion Camera Driver’s in a profile.

Changing the camera driver can be done in two ways:

Changing the driver dll from inside Scorpion

  1. Enter the Service mode by entering the service password
  2. Activate the Service.Camera tab
  3. R-mouse click the Camera Settings menu
  4. Select Cameradriver
  5. Select the the actual camera dll file

Changing the driver dll from outside Scorpion

  1. Open file explorer in the Scorpion Profile Directory
  2. Select the Scorpion.spb file
  3. Open it with the SPBEdit editor
  4. Normally this is done by dbl-click the spb file
  5. Select the XML tab
  6. Activate the mouse menu and search for CameraDriver
  7. Change the CameraDriver value
  8. Save the file
  9. Save As will make avoid overwriting the orginal Scorpion.spb
  10. Do this if you do not have a backup
  11. Start Scorpion with a new Camera Driver