Scorpion ExtensionsΒΆ

The Scorpion Extensions Installation page shows the list of all the Scorpion extensions and the installation status for each of them, on the target computer. It also provides user interface to install or remove the individual Scorpion extensions.

The following extensions are recommended to install:


The following extentions options are available:

  1. Every Scorpion extension consists of one or mode sub-modules.
  • Installation status for every sub-module is displayed separately.
  1. ‘Install’ and ‘Uninstall’ buttons are available for every Scorpion extension.
  • These buttons are automatically enabled / disabled, based on the installation status of sub-modules of that Scorpion extension.
  • The individual Scorpion extension installation can be managed by using these ‘Install’ and ‘Uninstall’ buttons.
  1. The installer application also validates the dependencies and installation sequence for all Scorpion extensions and all sub-modules associated with them.
  • Error status with exact description is displayed, if any deviation is detected, from the expected state.
  • Also during installation of any extension, all dependencies are checked and repaired / installed, if required.
  • User confirmation messages are popped up during the repair operation, whenever it starts.
  1. ‘Download Installable’ button - can be clicked to download the files for all the individual Scorpion extensions and their sub-modules; from the web server.
  • Clicking on this button is not mandatory. The installer application automatically connects to the web server and downloads the files, if required.
  • This button is not available in the CD version of the installer application.