Installer HomeΒΆ

The Scorpion Vision Installer is the primary tool for Scorpion Vision Software deployment.

Scorpion Versions Management

When a new release version is available the user is notified. The version can be downloaded from the internet. The user can freely move between versions by selecting the version in the listbox.


All downloaded versions are available for selection.

Installer Management

The following operations are supported:

  • Make a local copy of the Scorpion Installer
  • Clear the Scorpion Installer download directory
  • Open Windows Explorer in the Scorpion Installer download directory

Installer Navigation

The following main sections are available from the navigation bars


The Scorpion Vision Installer manages the following items in the deployment process.

  • Access to Scorpion Online Resources
  • Displays the latest Scorpion Vision Release Notes
  • Scorpion Installation

    • Required Microsoft Runtime Libraries
      • Scorpion Runtime and Scorpion Vision Software
      • Recommended Scorpion Extensions
        • Python
        • SciPy
        • Numpy
        • OpenCV
      • Optional Scorpion Extensions
  • Scorpion Demo Licences Request Form

  • STC - Scorpion Tool Components

  • 2D and 3D Demonstrations and Test Profiles

    • STP - Scorpion Test Profiles
    • SDP - Scopion Demo Profiles
  • SVT - Scorpion Vision Tutorials

  • SCD - Scorpion Camera Driver

    • 3rd party Camera Vendors SDK and Driver
  • SIO - Scorpion IO System

    • 3rd party drivers
  • Scorpion Utility Software

    • SWD - Scorpion WatchDog

    • OPC - Scorpion OPC Client including 3rd party drivers

    • SIO - Advantech Drivers

    • Remote Control

      • TightVNC
      • TeamViever Host
    • Adobe Reader