CameraEditPlugin module
requirements:Scorpion or higher

Scorpion Plugin for access to camera configuration, 11nov2015, RL: modified for autodoc, 10aug2012, RL:
  removed accessControl
  halign and valign replaces hcenter and vcenter, 06aug2012, RL:
  added vcenter and hcenter, 24dec2011, TV:
  enable buttons both in service and setting when init
  create standard header, 29sep2011, RL:
class CameraEditPlugin.CameraEditPlugin(cntr, name)[source]

Bases: object


return a unique persistance name for host application storage


reset all content and add the description label


set button positions

addBttn(caption, cam, tab)[source]

add a button to the plugin


returns plugin configuration as xml


set plugin configuration from the string ‘value’


launch an input dialog for editing plugin

cntrResize(sender, args)[source]

reposition controls

bttnClick(sender, args)[source]

callback when user clicks a button

CameraEditPlugin.CreatePlugin(hWnd, name='')[source]

Scorpion Plugin Stub - Required