CameraStatus module
requirements:Scorpion or higher

Scorpion plugin for showing camera status as diodes, 11nov2015, RL: modified for autodoc, 21aug2012, RL:
  changed color priority - open/simulation/error
  adjusted label position, 09aug2012, RL: initial version
class CameraStatus.CameraStatusPlugin(cntr, name)[source]

Bases: object


return a unique persistance name for host application storage


create label and all status panels


update plugin

cntrResize(sender, args)[source]

resize controls due to panel changes

cameraOpen(Camera, Open)[source]

callback when camera open changes

systemCameraError(CameraNo, Camera)[source]

update status for actual camera

CameraStatus.CreatePlugin(hWnd, name='')[source]

Scorpion Plugin Stub - Required