CurvePlugin module
requirements:Scorpion or higher

Scorpion sample plugin for hosting controls inside a PluginManager hosted panel/page, 11nov2015, RL: modified for autodoc, 22sep2011, RL: hides caption, enabled=System.Service, 30may2011, RL: created
class CurvePlugin.CurvePlugin(cntr, name)[source]

Bases: object

CurvePlugin - single curve plugin


return a unique persistance name for host application storage


returns plugin configuration as string


set plugin configuration from the string ‘value’


configure the plugin, return bool whether changed or not

controlChange(sender, args)[source]

notify container plugin has changed

systemAccessControlChanged(settings, service)[source]

callback when accesscontrol changes

CurvePlugin.CreatePlugin(hWnd, name='')[source]

Scorpion Plugin Stub - Required